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Polana sp. z o.o. was formed in 1998 by Stephen Taylor from England. Our specialization is producing and selling fresh blueberries.

Our company has three plantations: near Lublin, near Gdańsk and near Koszalin.
All together there is 499 ha of ground.

We work closely with Winterwood Farms Ltd from Great Britain where Stephen Taylor is the owner, and Winterwood is our biggest customer.

Our main operation is production, buying and selling fruit (not only blueberries). Winterwood Farms Ltd. has a large share of the UK Blueberry market, and owns of 2 farms in England producing mainly Raspberries, Blackberries, Red and Black currants and Gooseberries, he also has major shareholdings in two South African farms

From June 2005, Stephen Taylor also has partnership with Jan Karwowski, in the Company „Polberry” buying and selling blueberries in Poland and Europe.

Our plantations already have BRC, GLOBALPGAP certificate and Tesco Nature’s Choice Gold Status, which confirms our commitment to our customers, as well as our aim to produce the best quality fruits.

Half of the plantations in Poland are just getting to full production, so the quantity of fruits will be bigger each year, and this give us the opportunity to become bigger and better company.

Polana has only been on the Polish market a few years, but staff her and also at Winterwood have a large and very specialist background that will help the company expand in the future.

Thanks to joining all farms in to one company we have opportunity to grow blueberries on the big area and split the risk of disadvantage of bad weather and we can become a good partner for a big customers.

Thanks to close relations with Winterwood Farms most fruits grown by our company will be sold to the UK supermarkets and our trademark will be globally recognized.