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This is first of our plantations which is situated in North East from Lublin (about 65 km).

POLANA Sp. z o.o. in Ochoża exist from 1998. It is also the biggest fully certified organic blueberry plantation in the Word. This farm has 226 ha of ground where at the moment 54 ha are plants in full production and 22 ha are planted in 2002-2003 which will start cropping next year.

We have already planted another 10 ha this spring and we planning to continue planting another 10 ha next year which will give us about 96 ha planted in total.

Comparing to other our plantations this one is young, which will get to full production in 3-4 years time.

In connection with required standards of the UK market we have built a modern packhouse at Ochoza to meet all these standards, and to supply our customers with a high quality product.